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  • Trench from downspout to desired DRAINBOXTM location (at least 4' from building) deep enough to accommodate standard down spout adapter and drainpipe. Make sure that DRAINBOX location provides that discharged water will run away from and not toward the building. It is recommended that you use 4" non-perforated drain pipe with an 8% minimum slope (1" per foot).
  • Attach adapter to downspout and run drain pipe to DRAINBOX location. In colder climates, dig an 8" diameter hole well below the frost line under the DRAINBOX. Fill hole with washed stone to allow water to drain out the bottom before possible freezing.
  • Position DRAINBOX in ground. DRAINBOX should be installed with top flush to ground.
  • Connect drain pipe to DRAINBOX. Allow the 4" pipe to protrude approx. 1" inside the DRAINBOX. No fittings or glue is necessary, as a flexible union is desirable.
  • Cover drain pipe and trenching with mulch or sod. Tamp cover material moderately and hand tamp soil around DRAINBOX. Open and close lid several times to approve operation.
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